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Limelight Networks' 2015 View From The Top
Bob Lento, Chief Executive Officer, Limelight Networks
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The biggest challenge facing the industry is the growing complexity in delivering broadcast-quality content to the masses. OTT, live streaming and social media are exploding, and companies such as Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook require real time delivery, and the ability to instantly purge digital content globally. While OTT service offerings are in their early stages, our annual “State of Online Video” 2015 research report found that 90 percent of consumers are open to cutting the cord and cancelling their cable and pay-TV subscriptions in favor of OTT video services. Adding to the challenge, content publishers must create multiple bitrates of the same file for video, and deliver it to mobile devices from a wide variety of manufacturers.

Content owners are finding they are often better served by offloading non-core activities, risks, and variable costs to a CDN purpose-built to deliver broadcast-quality video. Limelight can deliver any type of digital content to any device anywhere in the world. A large portion of the internet traffic passes through our global network, more than 20,000+ servers strong, and we have more egress capacity than a dozen pure-play startups combined.

Limelight serves some of the biggest CDN customers in the world. Very few CDNs could accomplish what we did during the World Cup, deliver more than 4Tbps of traffic. On any given day, we deliver 10x the traffic compared to some of our competitors. And best of all, we have a strong customer base and continuously make every effort to improve our customers’ experience.

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