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EuclidIQ's 2015 View From The Top
Richard Wingard, CEO, EuclidIQ

While we are in the early stages of perceptual quality optimization (PQO) as a way to further enhance video quality or gain additional bandwidth savings, we’ve only just begun to explore the potential of PQO.

Today, our IQ264 technology can actually enhance quality at the time of encoding, eliminating the need for postprocessing steps that can only be as good as the encodes they need to work with. IQ264 integrates directly into the encoding process, augmenting industry-standard H.264 encoders.

We’ve seen average bandwidth savings of more than 20% for H.264 encodes across a wide range of video types, from high motion and high complexity to low motion and low complexity.

But we’re not just limited to H.264, as these bandwidth savings gains are really just a first step in a process to significantly enhance quality and further reduce bandwidth across the entire acquisition and distribution video workflow.

To do this, PQO needs to be implemented at the point of acquisition. Think of PQO as a way to train video cameras to perceive content the way humans do. That level of sophistication means that PQO could enhance the overall viewing experience.

That’s the kind of change agent EuclidIQ strives to discover every day with our world-class team of researchers and software engineers. To date, we’ve got 39 patents covering a wide range of video optimization technologies, and we aren’t slowing down as IQ264 launches. Expect more exciting announcements from EuclidIQ throughout 2016.

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