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Qwilt: View from the Top 2013

Consumer demand for online video continues to grow rapidly, placing increasing  strain on operator networks. To keep pace with demand while remaining competitive, cable, broadband, and mobile service providers must address three strategic imperatives: improve quality of experience (QoE) for customers, cost effectively increase network capacity while improving performance, and monetize OTT video traffic on their networks.

Engineered to uniquely address the challenges and opportunities of online video delivery, Qwilt’s QB-Series Video Fabric Controller monitors video traffic on operator networks to identify trending titles, then stores them locally at the subscriber edge. By caching popular content in close proximity to end users, Qwilt eliminates the need for replicated content streams from origin sites or CDNs, reducing associated network congestion. The result is a higher quality viewing experience for subscribers, significant CAPEX and OPEX savings, operational efficiencies and monetization opportunities for operators, including:

• Reduced Infrastructure Costs

Qwilt reduces carriers’ video traffic demands by 60-80%. With video approaching 50% of downstream traffic, this translates into a significant reduction in bandwidth demands and overall costs, reducing the need for costly infrastructure upgrades.

• Improved Transparency and Control

Most carriers lack insight into how much OTT video is transitioned across their network. Qwilt is the only offline solution that offers insight into video traffic characteristics and the ability to control its delivery to ensure optimal performance and control.

• Dynamic Network Adjustments

Qwilt continuously monitors and analyzes network traffic for trending content and new traffic patterns to helps carriers adjust in real time to changing network dynamics.

• Improved QoE for Subscribers

In-network video delivery improves the speed and quality of delivery to ensure an unparalleled online viewing experience for subscribers.

• New Monetization Opportunities

Partnerships with third-party CDNs help operators monetize delivery of OTT video traffic across their networks, while enhancing service levels for their subscribers.

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