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DaCast - View From The Top 2017
Stephane Roulland, CEO - DaCast
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APIs, or Application Programming Interfaces, are revolutionizing business today. They make connections between different products, services, and platforms easier than ever before, enabling the rapid launch of new businesses and new features. The result is an explosion of creativity and flexibility everywhere. In the past, customization and new development required huge budgets, time, and risks. No more! APIs simplify the development process immensely.

Online video is experiencing a period of rapid growth and maturation because video multiplies revenue growth for businesses that use it. APIs enable organizations to quickly add video to their current operations, or create customized solutions and platforms with minimal cost and risk. Look around and you will see e-commerce portals, mobile apps, cloud services, and personalized video workflows all being powered via video APIs.

Here at DaCast we’ve seen a spike in usage of our video API in 2017. In just the first half of the year, the number of customers using our API increased 42 percent compared to 2016. That growth continues to accelerate—especially among our OTT customers. For more information on API use in the online video industry, I recommend reading our whitepaper: The Video API Revolution. The video industry is a fragmented marketplace. Broadcasters have a variety of needs. Viewers have dozens of different types of devices. Universal delivery is a key challenge. DaCast meets these diverse needs delivering live and on-demand video streaming via our partner Akamai with features like white-label / custom branding, video monetization, and integrated transcoding. Just as importantly, our highly integrated platform and APIs let us offer affordable enterprise grade streaming so every business can take advantage of the revenue multiplier that video delivers. Nearly 100,000 users have benefited from using DaCast. You can be next.

-Stephane Roulland, CEO DaCast

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