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Video: What's the Best Social Media Platform for Live Streaming?
Young Turks' Steven Oh and Legendary Digital's Adam Rymer discuss the pros and cons of different social media platforms for watching live streams.

In this excerpt from their panel discussion at Live Streaming Summit, Young Turks CBO Steven Oh and Legendary Digital President discuss the comparative merits of Facebook Live and YouTube Live for reaching different audiences and presenting different types of content.

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Read a complete transcript of Oh's and Rymer's remarks in this clip:

Steven Oh: The different platforms have different pros and cons. On YouTube, we use live streaming on YouTube every day to build this habitual viewing experience and get our most engaged fans to watch live. They often watch it again on demand later.

Brad Rymer: We look at each platform as a little bit different, like any other kind of content, the audience that we have on each of those platforms is a different audience. It's important to understand to begin with that just because you have a large audience, doesn't mean that that same audience is with you on all of those different platforms. The people who are watching your content live streaming on YouTube might not be the same people who are watching you livestream on Facebook. It's important to really get into the analytics and understand what those different groups are looking for. To make sure that we're actually achieving some view metrics success is to make sure those platforms are different.

Steven Oh: Breaking news events are great for live streaming on YouTube. On Facebook it's different. On Facebook it's more about user engagement. Some of our hosts will live stream what I think are silly things like, after traveling at a hotel, if they're here for example, they'll say, "The linens are great" or "The soap is awesome." The fans want that personal engagement, they watch that. On Twitter, we just started live streaming in the last couple of weeks, so we're not exactly sure what we have there, but it's another platform where we can reach huge numbers of people. Twitter has built-in engagement with it. We often engage with our audience on live streams across all platforms with a Twitter hashtag. It's good to have that opportunity to integrate that as well.

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