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Video: How to Succeed in Regional Sports Streaming
PrestoSports Director of Partnerships and Product Management JD Fox discusses the dynamics and technology challenges of working with schools and conferences in small-college sports streaming in this clip from Sports Streaming Summit.

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Read the complete transcript of this clip:

J.D. Fox: In the current marketplace, it's very conference-driven in terms of the video streaming deals, it's not the individual schools making the decisions. It's the conference. So what you have, you have the haves and have-nots in each conference. You have the schools that have the infrastructure and the money and you have the schools that don't. So, what you have to work with the conference on, is finding a happy medium in terms of broadcast quality.

One of the things we've been really focused on is creating a conference blueprint. Having them have actual goals set for the conference, not only to bring the bottom up, but to continually increase the quality of the stream.

In terms of technology, what are we doing for that? You touched on camera technology earlier. The cameras are getting better and better and they're getting cheaper. Also, the amount of wireless solutions, whether it's cellular bonding or something like Sling Studio, where you've got a very cheap way of doing wireless cameras today.

So, we're seeing a kind of a case where the wish list for the customers is better quality and a uniform product. Really, it's finding the best quality we can get for no matter what the budget is of the particular school, but then having a unified graphics platform or unified instant replay platform that everybody's using, and having consistency from the viewership, because the thing that I think is often lost is that your main fan base in the DII and DIII space, that's going to be watching your games, is the opposing team's fans. It's not going to be your own fans.

When you have a conference-wide situation, you want to make sure that your feed is as good as the other feeds in the conference, because your fans are going to watching all the other schools, they're not necessarily going to be watching your school.

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