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Video: How to Build a Niche Audience for Live Content
One World Studios' Zack Coffman explains how One World has cultivated audience for multiple niches for live streaming content.

Zack Coffman, head of content, distribution, and strategy at One World Studios Ltd., discusses the viability of niche content for live streaming and suggests strategies for aggregating and building an audience to match your niche in this excerpt from the "Future of Live Streaming" panel at Live Streaming Summit.

Read the complete transcript of this clip:

Zack Coffman: We've built an audience around motorcycling, so we go to motorcycle events. We're very niche-focused, so I would say anybody with a passionate niche who has got an aggregated audience online somewhere, you can find something interesting that they will be interested in live.

We have another channel: live ghost hunting. It's like Ghost Hunters, but they're live and they'll go into a house and they'll wire it up, and we'll go live on YouTube. We'll stream for 72 straight hours, and they'll sleep in it, so it's kind of like Big Brother meets Ghost Hunters. That was a hugely successful show that we did for Yahoo a few years ago, and then just this past weekend we did a co-production with Machinima. That has built its own audience, and the motorcycling one has its audience.

I would say anything that you've got a powerful niche around will work. We work with a series in Canada called Ice Pilots, which won the Gemini Award up there for Reality. They have a vintage fleet of aircraft that they use to fly supplies way up to the Arctic Circle from Yellow Knife, Canada. So they just got a new plane, and we streamed that experience. For a relatively small page, the page has about 100,000 on it, but it had a reach of 300, 400,000 for that because they were so excited by that. So I would say anything niche-focused.


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