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Video: How Facebook Live Improves Discovery for Live Streams
One World Studios' Zack Coffman discusses the ways Facebook Live is designed to draw an audience to your live streams, and new developments such as scheduling streams on Facebook.

Zack Coffman, head of content, distribution, and strategy at One World Studios, discusses the ways that Facebook Live enables his brand to get the word out about their live streams and increase discovery and concurrent viewership in this excerpt from a panel at Live Streaming Summit.

Read the complete transcript of this clip:

Zack Coffman: Our Facebook channel has 2.1 million fans, and when we go live, Facebook really helps with that. They'll ping pretty much anybody who hasn't opted out. They'll let them know that you're live, if they're on, but their app will also, if they've got notifications enabled. Their app will alert them that you're on, and that really helps with discovery, so we can get several thousand concurrent viewers when we do a show.

Obviously, we find that longer does better. They need time to discover. They need time to get into it. We have a network of broadcasters and moderators that we set up all around the world, like a news network, so that when something interesting is happening for our audience, they hit me or they hit up one of our editors, and they say, "Hey, I've got something. I want to go. Can I go?" We say, "Yeah, hit it." Then they'll go on.

We've got a consistent in-the-moment experience. It's must-view viewing, but now they've got the scheduling for Live-- they just opened up the API for that--so we're very excited to start actually saying, "No, at 11 on Sunday, we're going to be streaming at such and such a location." We haven't tested it yet, so we're not really sure how it's going to do, but I'm hoping because then that's promotable. Now we're a TV station.

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