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The Streaming Media 100: The One Hundred Companies That Matter Most in Online Video in 2015
The list the online video industry waits for is here: It's Streaming Media's annual list of the biggest players around. These are the 100 companies charting the future during a time of transaction.
Companies Mentioned:

The fifth annual Streaming Media 100—our yearly list of the most interesting, important, and influential companies in online video— shows an industry that’s come into its own, one that some might even say has reached maturity.

That’s not to say it’s stagnant. The 2015 list is significantly different than last year’s, but only by 15 companies. Compare that to 2014, which featured 24 companies that weren’t on the 2013 list. This year, we decided to focus exclusively on vendors in the online video space, companies that offer products, services, and technologies that enable end users (or other vendors) to contribute to the unstoppable growth of multiplatform, multiscreen, multidevice video delivered via the internet.

We’ve stopped including advertising platforms and exchanges in our list. While video advertising continues to be an area we’ll cover on our website and in the magazine, our real emphasis and expertise lie elsewhere in the online video value chain— video production, capture, encoding, transcoding, serving, distribution, and viewing. You’ll see more camera companies on the list this year, as major players have jumped headfirst into streaming directly from the camera. You’ll also see more companies that offer end-to-end solutions for OTT streaming.


What you won’t see—in addition to advertising companies—are OTT platforms and social media platforms, as these companies focus on the content rather than the technology. Google is here, as much for its continued codec work as for YouTube, and so is Vimeo, which is providing an invaluable platform for publishing 4K video. So is Roku, which continues to make OTT channel creation easy for publishers of all sizes. MLB Advanced Media—which will soon become BAM Tech—is here not for its streaming of Major League Baseball, but because it’s turning into a powerhouse digital media services company. As with any list, there’s plenty of room for argument, but this gives you a sense of how we made some of the calls we did.

So how do we pick the Streaming Media 100? We start with a master list of more than 300 vendors, then ask our editorial and publishing team to rank them on a scale of one (doesn’t belong on the final list at all) to five (no list of the most important companies would be complete without it). The top 100 make the list.

Only three companies—Akamai, Google, and JW Player—scored a perfect five from every judge, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t consensus. A total of 32 companies averaged a score of four, and none of the top 100 averaged less than three. (You’ll note that some of our voters—contributing editors—also work with companies that ended up on the list. Those editors’ votes were not counted for those companies.)

Congratulations to the 100 companies that matter most in online video: the Streaming Media 100.

The 2015 Streaming Media 100 voters:

Troy Dreier
Jan Ozer
Dan Rayburn
Robert Reinhardt
Dom Robinson
Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen
Tim Siglin
Joel Unickow
Nicolas Weil


You can see many of these companies and their products and services in person at Streaming Media West in Los Angeles next month, Streaming Forum in London on February, and Streaming Media East in New York City in May.

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