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Sports Streaming Summit Now a Part of Streaming Media West 2018
Live sport video is exploding online, and the Sports Streaming Summit will be the best place for leagues, teams, and producers to share knowledge and do some networking.
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The biggest streaming video conference on the West Coast continues to evolve, and the latest addition is the Sports Streaming Summit (SSS). This one-day conference takes place November 13, 2018, as part of Streaming Media West 2018, and will offer sports professionals educational sessions and networking they can't find anywhere else.

"Streaming of sports content and programming surrounding the actual event is no longer an option," says Philip Nelson, president of Nelco Media and the event's organizer. "Millions of viewers each year log in to watch and rally around their favorite sporting event. The Sports Streaming Summit brings together the big thinkers in live sports streaming to share their success and ideas on how you can take your sports streaming initiatives to the next level."

This is the first time Streaming Media West has offered an event just for sports, and it reflects the growing importance of sports—especially live sports—in the streaming world. Viewers have high expectations when streaming sports, demanding a broadcast TV-quality experience. They also want interactivity and social features. The SSS brings all that together, with lessons from leagues, teams, producers, and networks on keeping audiences passionate and engaged.

Attendees at the SSS will include reps from high school, college, and pro teams; egamers; webcasters; broadcasters; and individual producers. They'll get sessions on building an online audience, producing live broadcasts, and delivering content to every device. They'll also get timely advice on cutting through the noise to reach the avid sports viewer.

"The sessions will be loaded with good information that you can implement immediately, but the greatest value of attending the Sports Streaming Summit will be networking with producers and broadcasters that face the same challenges as you!" Nelson says.

For more details on the event, visit the Sports Streaming Summit conference page. Streaming Media West and the Sports Streaming Summit will take place at the sun-drenched Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach.

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