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CDN Interconnection Is Coming; Here's How to Overcome the Hurdles
A Content Delivery Summit panel looks at the challenges facing CDN interoperability and finds it's like the early days of the Internet all over again.

"Has CDN interoperability's time finally come?" That was the opening question by moderator Simon Orme, strategy director for content services at British Telecom, to the panel on Interconnection and Federation CDN at the recent Content Delivery Summit in New York City.

"My charge at Verivue is to look forward and see what's coming down the pike," answered panelist Larry Peterson, chief scientist at Verivue, "It's pretty clear that interconnecting CDNs is a very important thing that a lot of people are looking at. As more and more ISPs have their own CDNs, it's going to be very natural to want to interconnect them."

With interconnection an apparent inevitability, the question becomes how best to make it happen.

"I've been looking at it from a technology point of view: what is it that we need to do to interconnect CDNs, and I draw a lot on looking back at exactly the same scenario a few decades ago when we were trying to interconnect our autonomous systems to form the Internet," said Peterson. "There's a lot of commonality. There's autonomy here, there's autonomy there, but we need to find the peering relationships to cooperate. A lot of that comes down to finding the right technology to do the interconnection."

To view the entire discussion, scroll down to play the video.

Interconnection and Federated CDN

With every major network operator in the process of building their own CDN, an obvious question arises: Is there a business case for interconnecting these CDNs, and if so, what are the technical challenges in doing so? This session will identify the most compelling use cases for CDN interconnection, discuss the technical hurdles that must be addressed to interconnect two or more CDNs, and report experience from early stage CDN interconnection trials.

Moderator: Simon Orme, Strategy Director, Content Services, BT Wholesale
Speaker: Larry Peterson, Chief Scientist, Verivue
Speaker: Carlos Dasilva, Marketing Director, Orange France Telecom
Speaker: Ted Middleton, VP Product Management, EdgeCast Networks

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