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Ando Media Announces New Internet Radio Ratings

Actual Audience Data Measurement Returns with Webcast Metrics™
Denver, CO(11/14/2004) -

Denver, Colorado: Webcast Metrics? announces that precise, accurate third party Internet radio audience ratings are once again available to subscribing webcasters and advertisers. Ending a more than six month void of ratings information for the Internet radio industry, Webcast Metrics? today releases a ranker of the top subscribing webcasters, with data collected October 1 ? 31, 2004.

?Webcast Metrics plans to publish regular monthly audience reports,? says Jordan Mendell of Ando Media, the company that developed the Webcast Metrics? platform for exact data audience measurement and reporting. ? Subscribers to Webcast Metrics have access to additional detailed information regarding their audience.?

Since Arbitron closeted its Measurecast surveys last spring, the Internet radio industry has been without exact data third party measurement. Ando Media has introduced Webcast Metrics? to provide third party measurement to Internet radio stations using real data gathered from stations? servers. This real data is converted to standard broadcast metrics such as average quarter hour (AQH), cume and total listener hours (TLH) using the same formulas that other broadcast ratings companies have always used.

Webcast Metrics? has headed off the potentially disastrous situation for the burgeoning Internet industry of having to rely on estimates to quantify its audience size. While broadcast radio has no choice but to rely on estimates, one of the great advantages of internet radio is its ability to provide exact audience information. This translates to huge accountability for advertisers.

?Since this reporting period began we?ve added hundreds of additional stations which will be included in future reports.? said Mendell. ?Stations interested in our platform should contact us at .?

Webcast Metrics?
Monthly Network Trend
Station/Network: Top 20 Stations
Period: 10/1/2004 - 10/31/2004
? 1 # / 15,506
? 2 424,438 / 5,927
? 3 280,967 / 5,019
? 4 281,976 / 2,758
? 5 56,702 / 2,030
6 93,751 / 1,501
? 7 3WK - Underground 130,340 / 1,430
8 42,337 / 1,263
9 87,865 / 1,053
? 10 74,603 / 694
11 15,588 / 669
12 14,863 / 580
? 13 50,824 / 580
14 80,450 / 555
15 Country Gold 56K 35,726 / 454
16 13,184 / 339
17 18,569 / 183
18 (Music One) 25,298 / 179
19 11,570 / 168
20 11,485 / 126

AQH: The average number of persons who listened to a station for a minimum of five minutes within a reported daypart. This number is the average of the number of listeners recorded every fifteen minutes for each station monitored by the Webcast Metrics heartbeat, or it is the number derived from the total time spent listening data obtained by Webcast Metrics directly from station server log data.

CUME: The number of unique persons (defined as the number of different IP addresses) who listened to a station for a minimum of five minutes within a reported time period. This is an unduplicated estimate, which may be an underestimate in cases where more than one listener accesses an Internet radio station via the same IP address.

1. - All figures only include MP3 stream metrics as reported by, and do not include company's Windows Media statistics

2. - Figures shown represent Oct 15th - Oct 31st

? Affiliates that represent multiple channels of programming and CUME for those channels is the number of unique listeners unduplicated across all the channels reported.

# This metric is not available for this station using Webcast Metrics methodology at this time.

?2004 Ando Media, LLC This ratings report is the sole property of Ando Media, LLC. Any reproduction or use of this ratings report, without permission from Ando Media, LLC is expressly prohibited.

Ando Media
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Jordan Mendell
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