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October 08, 2018

Featured Articles
Protecting Your Assets: How Studios Secure Their Premium Video
Piracy will always be a problem, but new advances in DRM and watermarking are making headway in the never-ending global battle.
Time to Start Testing: FFmpeg Turns 4.0 and Adds AV1 Support
AV1 delivers equivalent quality to HEVC, but with a lower data rate. For now, though, it's slow. A five-second clip took 23 hours and 46 minutes to encode.
Can AI Make the Streaming Video Experience Even Better Than TV?
Look for artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve content delivery, video compression, and viewer personalization, strengthening the entire workflow.
Online Video News
27% of Streamers Don't Think Live Video Is Worth Paying for Yet
Live video streamers are tired of buffering and latency, says a Phenix report, and they aren't willing to wait for streams to improve.
Amazon Announces 4K Streaming Stick, Plus Alexa Voice Remote
The lowest-priced stick device for 4K video—as well as Dolby Vision and HDR-10+ support—the Fire TV Stick 4K lists for $49.99.
Facebook Premieres Gets Global Launch, Enhances Group Viewing
Starting today, any creator can schedule a video premiere a week in advance. Look for upcoming premieres staring Ant Man, the Wasp, and Aquaman.
Short Cuts
Video: How IRIS.TV Implements Machine Learning in Production Environments
IRIS.TV CEO & Co-Founder breaks down discusses IRIS.TV's approach to helping traditional media companies capture and leverage audience data and machine learning in this clip from Streaming Media East 2018.
Video: How USA Today Leveraged Video AI at the 2018 Winter Olympics
Gannett Senior Director Kara Chiles discusses how USA Today leveraged IRIS.TV and data to localize and personalize their Winter Olympics 2018 coverage in this clip from Streaming Media East 2018.
Industry News
With tipping market on pace to reach $222 million in 2019, new payment portal brings seamless credit card tipping with lower transaction fees for millions of streamers
Basketball Fans Can Now Watch Live Out-of-Market Games with NBA League Pass
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