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July 30, 2018

Featured Articles
A Hybrid Approach Guides the Changing Face of On-Prem Encoding
Demand for on-prem encoding is waning, and vendors are responding with innovative hybrid approaches that offer the best of on-prem and the cloud.
Developers Pay the Pioneer Tax for WebRTC Live Streaming
There's a cost to being cutting-edge, and for low-latency live video streaming that involves learning WebRTC and accepting limited browser support.
Charting Where Enterprise Video Will Go in the Years Ahead
What's new and next for corporate video? Improved search and discovery, an eye toward monetization, and a resurgence of on-prem or hybrid solutions.
Online Video News
Bad News for Amazon Prime: People Are Only There for the Shipping
Amazon Prime Video may have a lot of members, but they didn't come for the online originals: 79 percent signed up for free shipping.
Streaming Video Alliance Releases Paper on Forensic Watermarking
At Microsoft Media and Entertainment Day, the SVA explains why adding watermarks to live and on-demand video is one part of a solution.
The MPAA Seeks Stronger Actions to Fight Streaming Video Piracy
Keeping premium content from being freely distributed online will take a mix of criminal and civil charges, as well as a coordinated response.
Industry News
New apps let PEG broadcasters effortlessly reach viewers on Apple TV and Roku devices with live and on-demand content
IoT research firm examines how consumers use streaming devices to access video content
Cord-cutters to jump more than 30% this year
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