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April 04, 2018

Featured Articles
Top 20 Streaming Technologies of the Last 20 Years
It's our 20th anniversary, and so we're taking a look back at the 20 technologies that have dominated—and sometimes frustrated—the streaming media industry over the past 20 years.
The State of WebRTC and Streaming Media 2018
WebRTC holds tremendous promise for adding interactivity and reducing latency in streaming video. Here's a look at where it fits today, and what we should expect of it in the future.
Tutorial: How to Add Interactivity to Your YouTube Videos
It's important for YouTube publishers to create a great user experience for our viewers, and interactivity can help. Here's a walk-through of how to use YouTube's interactive features.
Online Video News
Adobe Unveils a Variety of Video Editing Tools Ahead of NAB Show
With an emphasis on creating strong viewer experiences and serving files to multiple platforms, Adobe kicks off NAB.
Start-Up Time Rated Most Important Factor for Streaming Services
In a maturing video service market, instant starts are crucial for keeping customers entertained. Even a brief delay means they'll look elsewhere.
Snapchat Sees Second Layoff Round in a Month, 100 More Cut
Can a leaner and lighter Snap turn things around? After 100 sales team members are let go, Snapchat looks to the future.
Short Cuts
Video: Can Standards Make the Ad Ecosystem Easier to Manage?
Bitmovin's Stefan Lederer discusses ad-insertion standards and how to deploy them in this clip from Streaming Media West.
Video: What Does Low Latency Really Mean?
RealEyes' David Hassoun discusses what low latency is and what it isn't, and sets reasonable expectations for the current content delivery climate.
Industry News
Datazoom’s powerful Adaptive Video Logistics platform promises video distributors more efficient, effective, and faster data acquisition from their video players.
The Ad Substituter™ IP/25 is a real time automated digital ad substitution system that detects the presence of advertising in digital broadcast media and replaces the ads it finds with designated ads of identical length.
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