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March 21, 2018

Featured Articles
Facebook Introduces New 360°/VR Video Quality Metric
VR and 360° video has all of the compression-related issues of flat video, and then some. Facebook's new metrics, called SSIM360 and 360QVM, might simplify quality analysis for developers in the future, particularly if Facebook open sources the metrics.
Now Accepting Best of NAB Nominations
Making big news at NAB? If you want to be considered for our sixth-annual Best of NAB awards, read on to find out how to submit your nomination.
Moving Beyond Convenience To Deliver Truly Personalized Content
The successful video services of the future will be built on leveraging AI, achieving TV-like quality of service, and emphasizing the mobile viewing experience.
Online Video News
Shift From Live Linear TV Viewing Is Increasing, Says Parks
Younger viewers especially get much of their live video from online sources. Pay TV customers need to shift their offerings to stay relevant.
NBC Plans Streaming News Service Aimed at Younger Viewers
Younger people prefer to get their news online, so NBC News will launch a streaming service available without authentication.
60% of Video Plays Now From Mobile Devices, Finds Ooyala Report
Across the globe, people are watching more video—especially long-form video—on mobile devices, partly thanks to better low-cost phones.
Short Cuts
Video: 360 Immersive Live Streaming Workflow: Part 1, Capture and Stitching
How does 360 immersive differ from other live streaming workflows? AWS Special Solutions Architect Shawn Przybilla takes viewers step by step through the process, beginning with capture and stitching in Part 1 of this two-part series.
Video: Three Ways to Replace Flash for Low-Latency Live Streaming
Limelight's Charlie Kraus discusses three emerging strategies for delivering low-latency live streaming in the post-Flash era.
Industry News
Compact and Versatile Robotic Camera Head and Powerful Micro Control System Fuel Creative Vision for Wide Range of Live and Streaming Productions
Featuring streamlined export of finished Avid sequences directly from the Interplay or MediaCentral directory
Powerful new modules strengthening service and security
Vplayed, a top-tier next-generation video solution for broadcasters, media professionals and enterprises providing an accessible online video platform to deliver video content through video on demand, OTT and live streaming solutions.
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