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December 11, 2017

Featured Articles
Engaged and Mobile: Charting the Shifting TV Viewing Landscape
At the TV of Tomorrow conference, panelists took stock of the changing ways viewers get their media, and noted that not all changes are for the better.
Streaming Forum Gets Smarter, Focuses on AI and Machine Learning
The Streaming Forum conference returns to London in February 2018, this time with a forward-thinking discussion on how AI will impact online video.
Progressive Web Apps: What They Are and How to Get Started
With mobile viewing on the rise, developers need to know about progressive web apps which offer an app-like experience through the browser.
Webinar: Harnessing AI to Unlock the Potential of Your Video
AI, machine learning, and neural networks are no longer the sci-fi dreams of tomorrow. They're here today, and IBM Watson is leading the way. Learn more about how it works in our webinar Thursday, December 14.AI
Online Video News
Google and Amazon Fight Removes Streaming Access From Echo Show
In a retaliatory move sure to upset viewers, Google is halting YouTube Streaming to Echo Show and Fire TV devices.
YouTube Will Grow Video Moderation Team to Over 10,000 in 2018
The leading video destination was plagued by multiple content scandals this year. Will an increase in moderation assuage advertisers?
YouTube Unveils Reels, a Stories Format for its Creators
YouTube's Community tab is now available to creators with over 10,000 subscribers, and they can communicate with fans using quick vertical videos.
Short Cuts
Video: Network Compliance Caveats for Social Media Streaming
Wowza's Tim Dougherty underscores the importance of knowing and following network compliance guidelines when streaming to multiple social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube Live, Twitch, and Periscope.
Video: Will AV1 Eclipse HEVC?
Mozilla's Timothy Terriberry, Brightcove's David Sayed, and Twitch's Tarek Amara debate the future of streaming codecs at Streaming Media West 2017.
Industry News
Latest figures show the exponential growth in live IP video usage, geographical variations and other trends
Addition of Calkins Digital’s best-in-class over-the-top video technology empowers partners to deliver content directly to Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and iOS and Android devices
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