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October 23, 2017

Featured Articles
Pay TV Operators Need to Evolve the Viewing Experience With OTT
The future of television isn't with over-the-top or pay TV alone, ZoneTV says, but with an AI-driven combined viewing experience that blends the best of both.
Comparing Quality Metrics Up and Down the Encoding Ladder
How can publishers compare video quality at different resolutions? There's the theoretically correct answer and then there's how it's generally done.
Season Two of Go90's Streaming Hit MVP Plays in the Big Leagues
There are some major sports stars on Go90 series MVP—including New England Patriot Rob Gronkowski, one of the show's producers—but they're not the ones throwing pitches.
Online Video News
Nielsen Offers Netflix Ratings, But How Accurate Are They?
Paying customers will finally gain some insight into Netflix viewing numbers, but Nielsen's measurement is limited to video streamed to a TV set.
Netflix, Amazon, Other Studios Bring Piracy Lawsuit on TickBox
The hardware vendor claims its devices are completely legal since they don't host or download pirated content. It's the third-party software that does the infringing.
NBCU and Snap Create Studio for Mobile Video Production
The joint venture will make original series for a mobile audience. The Duplass brothers are the first to sign on, and have been given a free hand in what they create.
Short Cuts
Video: Why Does Personalization Matter in OTT?
NeuLion's Phil Green discusses how personalization can help content providers engage and keep OTT viewers and subscribers in this clip from Live Streaming Summit.
Video: What Does the Shift to "Social First" Mean for Media Brands?
Brightcove's Anil Jain, Keli Network's Michael Philippe, and Dailymotion's Claudia Page discuss changes in the way users discover and consume content online and OTT, and how this shift impacts media brands in this clip from Streaming Media East.
Industry News
Touchstream, the leading provider of video streaming content availability monitoring, today announces StreamCAM, Stream Content Availability Monitor, its comprehensive cloud-based service for live linear OTT streams.
Osprey Video today announced the launch of the USB Video Bridge line of stand-alone video-capture devices. Due to increased demand across many market verticals, the company has ramped up production of its USB Video Bridge line of stand-alone video-captur
Enters SaaS Agreement With Espial for Predictable Delivery, Costs, and Innovation
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