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September 06, 2017

Featured Articles
AV1: A Status Update
Netflix and YouTube could start using AV1 as soon as early 2018, while hardware implementations will take much longer.
MP3: The End of the Beginning, or a New Dawn?
MP3 may be the VHS to other audio formats' better-quality Betamax, but it's here to stay, especially now that the format is royalty-free.
NASA Relies on Teradek for the Official Eclipse 2017 Multicast Live Streaming
During the historic solar eclipse of August 2017, NASA EDGE deployed 5 Teradek Cubes to make multiple telescope feeds available for live broadcast to multiple streaming platforms.
Online Video News
Set-Top Box Maker Roku Files for IPO, Could Raise $100 Million
Roku boxes have taken the lead with consumers and the company seems well-poised for an IPO, but financial disclosures show the company has never turned a profit.
Twitch Embraces Ecommerce with Amazon Associates
The new Gear on Amazon extension lets viewers go directly from the stream to purchase their favorite gamers' gear and gives broadcasters a share of the revenue; Twitch also announced heatmaps and video overlays
IBM Watson Media Takes Center Court at US Open
The tennis tournament is using an AI-based solution that IBM calls "cognitive highlights" to deliver the most important clips to fans
Industry News
Combined entity will provide a fully-integrated, end-to-end online advertising solution, driving advertising efficiency and effectiveness
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