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August 07, 2017

Featured Articles
Catch the Buzz: Drone Racing Is the Next Frontier for Sports
Drone racing is the latest esport moving from hobbists to mass appeal. Fast-paced events are help around the world, but live streaming remains an obstacle.
More Than Enough Is Too Much: Educational Video Is Overused
Creating educational videos is easy—too easy—and that's a problem. To best reach students, educators need to diversify their presentation tools.
Apple HEVC Move Means Higher Encoding Costs
Hardware acceleration and field programmable gate arrays may be the answer to the rising costs of encoding for multiple codecs including H.264, H.265, VP9, and soon AV1
Lock it Down: How to Keep Enterprise Video Safe and Secure
From pipes to pixels, enterprise video security is becoming big business. This article puts a spotlight on three types of content security solutions: encryption, rights management, and content management.
Online Video News
Hulu Subscribers Prefer Hulu to Traditional Pay TV, Finds TDG
If consumers were forced to choose between their SVOD and pay TV subscriptions, more Hulu fans would opt to leave pay TV behind.
Discovery Buys Scripps for $11.9B, Looks for Online Muscle
With the pay TV/OTT ecosystems in flux, cable channel providers look for new ways to make sure their brands are relevant to younger viewers.
Comcast Talks Xfinity Instant TV, Which May Appear Later in 2017
A revamped version of the company's Comcast Stream service could go for $15 per month, but top execs are skeptical about OTT.
Short Cuts
Video: Best Practices for Live Encoding
Brightcove's Matt Smith explains how to meet the challenges of live event streaming from technical to QA to process issues to securing bandwidth in this presentation from Live Streaming Summit.
Video: The Case for Using VP9 at All Resolutions
Google Chrome's Matt Frost explains why YouTube uses VP9 "down the resolution stack"--not just for HDR and 4K--and explains how better-quality encoding benefits watch times and ad revenues.
Industry News
National news organization comes home to Bottle Rocket where the company’s first mobile app was born.
The Verizon Network Powers the World’s first Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) Smartphone
First model of high-performance, low-power capture hardware series now shipping, with newly-introduced quad-channel model to debut at IBC
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