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July 17, 2017

Featured Articles
360° Video Is No Gateway to VR, Says BBC
BBC R&D is not convinced of the case for producing news in VR, and warns against the perils of relying too heavily on tech company sponsorship of branded 360° or VR news content
Streaming the Latest in Nanotechnology
The Remotely Accessible Instruments in Nanotechnology (RAIN) initiative gives students across the U.S.—and the world—the chance to control and view nanotechnology instruments that aren't available at their home schools
The 2017 Streaming Media Readers' Choice Awards: Make Your Nominations Now
It's time for Streaming Media readers to submit your nominations for the best products and services in 34 categories from analytics to cameras to QoS and webcast solutions.
Online Video News
Streaming Video or Pay TV? It Depends on the Age of the Viewer
When people with both pay TV and SVOD subscriptions were asked to make a choice, young viewers overwhelmingly preferred streaming.
NewTek Intros NDI 3 and NDI PTZ Camera
With NDI version 3.0 NewTek extends the technology to cameras and converter/capture devices, where it will supplement or supplant technologies like 3G SDI and HDMI
Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu Rule: 59% in U.S. Have a Subscription
When deciding on a streaming video service, Americans look to the big three first, with few ignoring them in favor of niche content providers.
Short Cuts
Video: VR vs. 360°: What's the Difference?
Scott Mayerowitz, Digital Storytelling Editor at the Associated Press, breaks down the differences between "VR/Virtual Reality" and "360," two terms often used interchangeably.
Video: The Challenges of Monetizing Premium TV Content Online
With the shift in consumer viewing patterns for premium TV content toward OTT, online, and mobile, how are major content providers meeting the challenges of monetization with reduced ad loads and different UX expectations?
Industry News
SRT Alliance members will help develop and adopt the SRT open source video transport protocol for high quality, low latency video transport over the internet
Jump Start for Echo Show1 extends Brightcove’s deep expertise in creating and monetizing compelling video experiences across all screens
New Streaming Video Platform to Feature Original and Licensed Content from Hart, Comedy Icons, and Next Generation of Talent
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