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June 05, 2017

Featured Articles
Video: User Experience, Branding, and Content Monetization
JW Player's Eric Boyd and Streaming Media's Tim Siglin discuss streaming players and delivering a consistent end user experience in this interview from Streaming Media East 2017.
Video: movingimage Provides a Secure Environment for Video Content Management
Oliver Jaeger of moving image and Streaming Media's Tim Siglin discuss movingimage's cloud-only secure online video platform in this interview from Streaming Media East 2017.
Video: The Difference Between Encryption and DRM
BuyDRM founder Christopher Levy and Streaming Media's Tim Siglin discuss the history of BuyDRM, the evolution of DRM technology, and misconceptions about encryption and DRM.
Online Video News
Plex Announces Live Local TV Service for Plex Pass Subscribers
Expanding beyond its media server beginnings, Plex wants to be a fully-featured cord cutting solution. The company also improved its DVR feature.
Global Average Internet Connection Speed Rises to 7.2 Mbps
South Korea enjoys the fastest average connection speed in the world, while Washington D.C. is the speed leader in the United States.
Rheo Offers a Curated Lean Back Video Viewing Experience
Rather that selecting videos by genre, Rheo viewers indicate their mood and let the platform do the rest. Content can be boosted or skipped.
Short Cuts
Video: How the NFL Leverages Twitter as a Live Video Platform
NFL VP, Digital Media Business Development Blake Stuchin describes how the NFL is using Twitter to build audience engagement using live and near-real-time video.
Video: Is Live Linear About to Explode?
Streaming Media's Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen and Major League Baseball Advanced Media's Joe Inzerillo discuss the rapid rise of live linear and the changing dynamics of the OTT market.
Industry News
Tribeca Shortlist library includes hundreds of high-quality, on-demand films personally recommended by celebrities
Club Significantly Increases Fan Engagement with Wirecast-Produced Live Stream
Tablo Dual is the First Network-Connected Over-The-Air (OTA) DVR to Include 40 Hours of Onboard HD Recording Storage
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