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May 31, 2017

Featured Articles
Video: User Experience, Branding, and Content Monetization
JW Player's Eric Boyd and Streaming Media's Tim Siglin discuss streaming players and delivering a consistent end user experience in this interview from Streaming Media East 2017.
Video: The Future of Cloud Transcoding
In this interview from Streaming Media East, Hybrik's David Trescot discusses on-prem vs. cloud transcoding and where Hybrik sees transcoding moving in the future.
Video: Protecting Your Assets With DRM As a Service
EZDRM's David Eisenbacher and Streaming Media's Jose Castillo discuss DRM solutions and key players, and emerging codecs in this interview from Streaming Media East 2017.
Online Video News
Global Average Internet Connection Speed Rises to 7.2 Mbps
South Korea enjoys the fastest average connection speed in the world, while Washington D.C. is the speed leader in the United States.
Data Is Driving the Video Viewing Experience in 2017, Finds Ooyala
The increased use of data lets publishers satisfy viewers, provide customized experiences, and grow their businesses, notes Ooyala's industry report.
Panopto Adds RTMP Ingest, Multi-Camera Live Streaming for Enterprise
Upgrades to the enterprise platform make it easier to reach viewers around the globe and send multiple streams without the need for live switching.
Short Cuts
Video: Are OTT Skinny Bundles Missing the Big Picture?
Vimond CEO Helge Hoibraaten argues that, as an industry, we're missing the point with OTT skinny bundles, aiming for incremental improvements over linear TV rather than anticipating what OTT viewers really want.
Video: How Can Brands Engage Viewers on Social Media?
ANATOMY co-owner Gabriella Mirabelli provides tips and best practices for brands to engage millennials and other demographics on social platforms such as Facebook and YouTube.
Industry News
Tablo Dual is the First Network-Connected Over-The-Air (OTA) DVR to Include 40 Hours of Onboard HD Recording Storage
Roku users with supported devices can stream a free month of AT&T’s Premium Video Content on DirecTV Now
Interactive Video Cards, Customizable End Screens and Extended Email Capture Offer a Complete Mobile-First Solution to Engage Viewers
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