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April 03, 2017

Featured Articles
The Biggest Streaming Media Mergers and Acquisitions of 2016
Niagara, IBM, ComScore, and More: 2016 yielded lower innovation, greater consolidation, and a whole lot of big-ticket M&A activity.
The State of 4K and HDR 2017
4K is making inroads, but it's the profound visual richness of high dynamic range video that will really revolutionize how people watch television. Streaming networks are leading the way.
The State of Codecs 2017
Licensing fees may stall HEVC adoption, while AV1 is nowhere to be seen and VP9 is on the rise. Will 2017 be at eventful as the previous two years?
Online Video News
Premium Hollywood Movies Might Stream Sooner, Say Reports
Online consumers want to be able to rent premium movies sooner after their release, but will they accept $30 to $50 rental prices?
INXPO STUDIO Moves From Flash to HTML5, Adds Multiple Presenter Capability
Webcasting platform automatically shifts speaker to a larger window, making it easier for viewers to see who's talking
Who Will Get Streaming Rights to NFL Thursday Night Football?
Twitter is again competing against Google, Facebook, and Amazon, but the social network's viewership was low last season. Will another site take the ball?
Short Cuts
Video: What Kind of Advertising Works Best in Live Streams?
Young Turks' Steven Oh discusses different approaches to advertising in live streams, such as pre-rolls and host call-out, and their relative merits in this emerging space.
Video: What is Causing Fragmentation in the OTT Video Market?
LG's Matthew Durgin discusses the key factors contributing to fragmentation in the OTT video market--and it's not what you think.
Industry News
Ministreamer HDMI/IP and Mini D-Streamer IP/HDMI to Debut at NAB 2017
Streamroot DNA delivers unparalleled reduction in cost while increasing quality of service for large broadcasters and OTT providers.
Mobile Viewpoint, the leading IP contribution solutions company, will be on-hand at NAB 2017 to showcase the unique capabilities across its product range that allow instant live streaming across multiple social media platforms.
Yospace and SpotX have teamed up to provide a demonstration of programmatically-sold Dynamic Ad Insertion for live online television at NAB.
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