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November 21, 2016

Featured Articles
VR's Two-Tiered Takeoff
Despite a year of content and production experimentation by studios and broadcasters, poor quality experiences could yet impede VR take-off
Sky Launches Into VR
Sky is committed to seeing VR succeed where 3D failed, and has established the 10-person Sky VR Studio to spearhead innovation and content creation
Online Video News
MPEG-LA Announces MPEG-DASH Patent Portfolio License
No royalties would apply to clients and "DASH segments based on DASH Initiators" for the first 100,000 units; royalties of 5 cents per unit would apply after the 100,000 unit threshold with a cap of $30 million per licensing term
Hulu Acquires Video Genome Project to Improve Recommendations
When consumers have access to an almost unlimited supply of premium content, surfacing programs they'll enjoy becomes a major challenge.
Akamai Announces CMAF Support to Simplify Transcoding, Storage
Could there actually be one format to rule them all? Akamai becomes an early endorser of the Common Media Application Format, which is still a draft.
Short Cuts
Video: Does Today's Online Video and OTT Landscape Favor Content Creators?
With the broad array of channels and networks available to producers to deliver their content today, are we living in a golden age for content creators?
Video: HLS vs. MPEG-DASH in 2017
Who is adopting DASH and who is sticking with HLS, and why? Execs from Viacom, Sinclair, Float Left, and Brightcove discuss the current and coming state of DASH.
Industry News
Level 3 Communications Hosts Final Alliance Meeting of the Year in Denver
LiveU at the heart of Election Day coverage with 1,200 simultaneous streams, nearly 8,000 hours of continuous live broadcasting
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