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October 05, 2016

Featured Articles
How Data is Changing HBO
HBO now uses near-real time data to adjust its promotional and marketing efforts on an almost daily basis
Benchmarking PCs, Capture Cards, and Software Mixers for HD Capture and Streaming
To determine how powerful a system it takes to produce and deliver live event streams, we tested a range of computers, capture devices, and live streaming programs. Read on for the results.
Advertising Works Better in Live than On-Demand: Yahoo
At last week's Advertising Week New York, Yahoo shared how its creating better ad relationships with viewers via live streaming events like Berkshire Hathaway's annual meeting.
Online Video News
Google Releases Dataset of 8M YouTube URLs for Video Research
For students and researchers working in fields like video modeling and representation learning, the set should be a huge help.
Global Average Connection Speed Decreased in Q2 2016: Akamai
While year-over-year growth is still strong, this quarter saw connectivity declines for many nations and U.S. states, reports Akamai.
Upcoming Amazon Fire TV Stick to Include Alexa Voice Assistance
The Fire TV Stick With Alexa Voice Remote will sell for $39.99, adding voice assistance that can find a movie, check the weather, and order a pizza.
Short Cuts
Video: How Analytics Can Make Your Live Streams More Successful
Experts from Akamai, Comcast, Conviva, and Yahoo! discuss key analytics, metrics, and assessment strategies that will help you deliver more effective and profitable live streams.
Video: Home Runs: Using Fiber to Direct and Deliver Live Shows Remotely
Peter Hartz explains how The Switch leveraged fiber technology to cut, switch, and deliver Univision's live soccer broadcasts from their home office, and how the infrastructure can be used for a range of other purposes including live OTT in this excerpt from his Live Streaming Summit panel.
Industry News
Partnership launched to provide video training to hospitals in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria & Switzerland
TVPlayer, the UK’s leading live streaming TV platform, has completed a £5m investment round led by A+E Networks, the US-based award-winning, global media content company.
Thursday Night Football on NFL Network up +6% in HH rating versus season average from 2015
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