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October 03, 2016

Featured Articles
Livestream Mevo Review: An Essential Tool for Social Video
While it has a few rough edges, the hotly anticipated Livestream Mevo lives up to the hype. Create the appearance of a multi-camera shoot with one small 4K device. After testing, we call it a must-have.
Publishers Explore New Forms of Content at NY Media Festival
The future of programming hasn't been decided yet, so companies are experimenting with new ways of attracting viewers and building relationships.
Twitter and the NFL: Business as Usual Isn’t Good Enough
For years, over-the-top video providers have struggled to be as good as broadcast. But that's setting the bar too low: They need to be better.
Meet the Intern Who Knows What Videos You Want to Watch
Even a huge computing company (Adobe) can learn something from an employee at the bottom of the hierarchy (an intern). When Gang Wu spoke about the value of discarded information, Adobe was smart enough to listen.
Online Video News
Upcoming Amazon Fire TV Stick to Include Alexa Voice Assistance
The Fire TV Stick With Alexa Voice Remote will sell for $39.99, adding voice assistance that can find a movie, check the weather, and order a pizza.
Pay TV Subscriptions Down, Streaming Could Be Part of the Reason
11 percent of U.S. households have an SVOD account, but don't subscribe to pay TV, while streaming skinny bundles are still under 1 percent of the market.
Roku Refreshes Hardware Lineup, Adds Lower-Priced Entry Model
4K video support isn't limited to the top model anymore, as Roku now offers 4K in three of its devices. Buyers will also find upscaling, HDR support, and Dolby Digital.
Short Cuts
Video: How Analytics Can Make Your Live Streams More Successful
Experts from Akamai, Comcast, Conviva, and Yahoo! discuss key analytics, metrics, and assessment strategies that will help you deliver more effective and profitable live streams.
Industry News
ViewRight Ultra Illustrates Flexibility and Extensibility of VCAS for Internet TV Security Solution for Premium Video Content
CobbleCord Educates and Empowers Consumers to Break Up with Cable Using Customized “Meta-Bundles”
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