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July 06, 2016

Featured Articles
Brands Struggle to Build Relationships, Not Be Creepy: VidCon
Data is crucial to building relationships with viewers online, but use it badly and customers will feel like they're being stalked.
Review: V-Nova Perseus: Does its Compression Live Up to the Hype?
London-based V-Nova has made some impressive claims about Perseus, its compression technology. Streaming Media's preliminary testing shows that it lives up to some of them.
Live Video Production Hits the Biggest Tech Show on Earth: CES
This year, the CTA decided to live stream panel discussions from CES, but it made the decision at the last minute with no time left for testing.
Online Video News
Nielsen Announces Ratings for Orange Is the New Black, Seinfeld
The measurement specialist pulls back the curtain on SVOD ratings, and shows that some programs do as well as the top cable series.
Global Average Connection Speed Grows 23% YOY: Akamai Report
No state yet has an average connection speed of 25 Mbps, but the District of Columbia is close. U.S. mobile connection speeds lag behind Europe.
Getting TV-Like Quality Important for 86% of Streamers, Says VDMS
When it comes to viewing their favorite programs, viewers expect the same level of quality online as they get with broadcast, but millennials are more tolerant.
Industry News
Piksel experiences continued growth in Europe
New Podcast2Radio functionality automatically turns podcasts into live Internet Radio stations and provides detailed analytics on growing listenership
TVU Networks is introducing a service that guarantees live video transmission at a minimum speed of 2Mbps over cellular networks, from any environment, as long as a cell connection exists.
New software update adds VU meters, switchable program and preview, and more!
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