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June 15, 2016

Featured Articles
Online Video Piracy: Serious Threat or Seriously Overblown?
Video piracy is widespread, but there's no consensus on how big the problem is or the best response to it. Are the biggest media companies in Hollywood throwing their money away trying to fight it?
OTT's Me-Too Experimentation: So Many Choices, So Little Variety
While new over-the-top services appear weekly, they all follow the same model. Shouldn't there be more diversity in the streaming space? Or maybe there already is.
An End to the Wild West: It's Time for Streaming Standards!
Enough with the codec confusion. The online video space won't really thrive until industry standards are put in place and enforced by the government.
Online Video News
Apple TV Gaining Easy Authentication and Siri Voice Controls
In a software-heavy WWDC keynote, Apple announced several improvements to the Apple TV tvOS, but hardware with 4K video support was nowhere to be seen.
Panopto Creates a New Way to View Video Files with 5.2 Update
Eschewing top-down administrator management, Panopto adopts a more modern user-centric model that provides quick access to relevant videos.
WWDC Preview: Apple TV Has an App Developer Crisis to Deal With
People return to Apple TV apps far less than they return to iPhone or iPad apps, giving developers less chance to earn a living. Will they abandon the platform?
Industry News
“Eagles Draft Central” provides nearly 12 hours of live coverage with NewTek technologies.
Combining Streambox Cloud Services with the beta release of the Cloud Encoder – 360 gives users a simple solution to the complex problems involved with live 360 streaming.
Featuring today’s best live and on-demand content, Sling TV debuts new user interface on Apple TV
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