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January 18, 2016

Featured Articles
Why Apple, Microsoft, or Amazon Will Win the the Living Room
Google and Sony are dark horse candidates, while Roku and TiVo don't stand a chance. And as for Plex, it had better pray that it gets acquired.
Online Students Do Not Learn By Video Alone, Finds Study
Streamed lectures, it turns out, are a poor replacement for classroom learning. To help students absorb what they hear, add interactive activities to the curriculum.
How Netflix Pioneered Per-Title Video Encoding Optimization
One-size-fits-all encoding doesn't produce the best possible results, so Netflix recently moved to per-title optimization. Learn why this improves video quality and saves on bandwidth, but isn't the right model for every company.
Online Video News
Time and Scout Build Excitement for College Football Recruiting
A collaboration between Sports Illustrated and Scout will create live and on-demand online video leading up to February's National Signing Day.
CES '16: Conviva Sees a New Business Channel in Engagement Data
Targeting demographic profiles is effective, but targeting engaged viewers and shoppers is bound to be much stronger. Conviva lays the groundwork for 2016.
CES '16: Xumo Announces Content Agreements With LG and Vizio
Not just another app in a connected TV app store, Xumo integrates with connected TV operating systems to create a smoother experience.
Industry News
NBA, WNBA and NBA D-League Digital Video Highlights Available To SendtoNews? Online Publishing Partners
Leading Content Delivery Network (CDN) Improves Worldwide Access to Up-to the-Minute Team News
AwesomenessTV, WPP, and Verizon Invest Heavily in Largest Latino Digital Media Company
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