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September 16, 2015

Featured Articles
Broadcasters Examine Challenges Brought by Online Viewing: IBC
For Fox Networks, IP video brings new opportunities and broadcasters need to respond to them quickly. However, not everyone in the industry feels the same.
Mobile Viewing Both Opportunity and Threat, Finds IBC Panel
While mobile viewing is on the rise, content providers and advertisers are struggling to create richer and more informative experiences for viewers.
Consolidation Is the Talk of IBC: Will Imagine, Harmonic Be Next?
Kaltura pledges to remain independent, calling it the company's mission, but speculates about which of its colleagues' companies could be the next to be bought.
Sling TV Says Targeted Ads Are Key to OTT Bundles: IBC Keynote
Apple's Tim Cook believes the future of TV is apps? What took him so long to realize it, Sling TV CEO Roger Lynch asks.
Commentary: Apple Has Lost Its Way with New Apple TV
The new device, announced at this week's Apple keynote, has a number of ill-conceived design limitations, a few outright flaws, and a gaping privacy issue.
Online Video News
Limelight Enhances Orchestrate for Media and Broadcasters: IBC
With the solution now a year old, Limelight is making three improvements that let customers work more efficiently and avoid congestion.
AP Puts Three Live HD Video News Channels Online: IBC 2015
With more platforms to fill, sites are demanding live video to keep viewers engaged. AP responds with a live mix of news and lifestyle content.
Primetime Supports HTML5 for Mobile, Improves Authentication: IBC
Adobe's multiscreen TV platform gets a handful of upgrades, including integrated analytics for a variety of devices.
Industry News
Panasonic and LiveU have teamed up to launch a bundle package that includes Panasonic cameras and LiveU’s ultra-small field unit.
Ambient Video Channel Highlights Beautiful Imagery From the Space Program Leveraging Latest 4K UHD Technologies
New Rovi Survey Suggests Stronger Discovery Strategies can Help Providers Increase Content Consumption and Boost Subscriber Satisfaction
Company forms video service agreement based on Accenture Video Solution
Promotes Community-Driven Initiatives to Accelerate Innovation
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