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August 17, 2015

Featured Articles
Boycott HEVC Advance! Say No to the Patent Pool's Unjust Terms
Columnist Dan Rayburn calls on the online video industry to band together and refuse HEVC Advance's unfair, unreasonable, and greedy charges.
HEVC Advance Royalties: Onerous or Not?
A cost analysis reveals that while HEVC Advance's royalty structure makes HEVC a no-go for TVOD services like M-GO, an SVOD service like Netflix would achieve enough bandwidth savings to offset the royalty payment
The Great UHD Debate: 4K Battles HDR for the Future of TV
Does a higher resolution guarantee the best image quality, or does better contrast and brightness? And can today's limited bandwidth handle all that data?
Online Video News
Turner Takes iStreamPlanet Majority Stake for Undisclosed Amount
After years of being an investor and customer of iStreamPlanet, Turner Broadcasting System decides to strengthen the relationship.
Akamai Wins Over Limelight in $45M Patent Infringement Ruling
A unanimous appeals court ruling found that Limelight was responsible for infringement, even if customers performed the final step.
ChannelMeter Unveils a White Label Video Analytics Tool for MCNs
Thanks to MCN Suite, a detailed analytics platform for video creators, smaller MCNs can provide the same services as the bigger players.
JW Player 7 Released, With DASH Support and Speed Improvements
Rewritten from the ground up, the player is now smaller and faster loading, with one unified version for both HTML5 and Flash video playback.
Cisco Debuts Thor, a Project to Create a Royalty-Free Video Codec
With HEVC licensing terms making it unsuitable for free software, Cisco sees the need for an advanced video codec unencumbered by fees.
Industry News
Experience syndication is now a driving force of business strategy
'Capture' and 'Share' Applications for Volicon's Observer Platform Facilitate Rapid Editing and Repurposing of Content
We've partnered with OnlineSeminar, the leading Dutch webinar provider, to bring their solutions to the UK market. All production and management will be performed by StreamAMG.
New feature is latest advance by Kidoodle.TV to offer more to consumers than traditional SVOD service
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