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July 29, 2015

Featured Articles
HEVC Advance: What Do the Royalties Mean for Video Publishers?
While there have been some heated arguments against the royalties announced by the new patent group, the payments appear to be appropriate. We break it down with real-world numbers.
HEVC Advance Announces Royalty Rates, Wants 0.5% of Gross Revenue
Licensing costs for Netflix and Facebook would total over $100 million per year, and terms are retroactive. Group calls terms "fair and reasonable."
A Streaming Snapshot: Articles Show Video Industry in Transition
HTML5 and MPEG-DASH are enjoying the spotlight, but Flash may never go away. This month's Streaming Media magazine shows the state of the industry.
Online Video News
An Unhappy Surprise: MPEG LA Is Forming a Patent Pool for DASH
Just when Media Source Extensions and Encrypted Media Extensions are making HTML5-based video playback a reality, DASH royalties threaten to derail it.
Google Unlinks YouTube, Google+, Will Use Google Account Instead
Soon, YouTube creators and fans will be able to remove their Google+ accounts from their profiles, but they'll still need a Google account.
VidCon 2015: YouTube Announces New Mobile App, More VR, and Diamond Play Button
VidCon's expanded Industry Track ends its first day with YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki with a keynote heavy on the platform's success and achievements, as well as a few new features and diamond play button awards for channels with ten million subscribers
Industry News
Stock Media Company Opens Early Enrollment Program & Brings Over $10MM Worth Of Copyright-Safe Video & Audio Content To Universities Across The Country
Imagine Dragons uses Wirecast to more personally connect with fan base
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