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February 16, 2015

Featured Articles
Twitch Explains How Professional Video Gamers Make a Living
For anyone over a certain age it's still hard to comprehend: People make a living playing video games? Yes, and the best make a lot.
Akamai: How MSE, EME, and WebCrypto Will Join to Kill Flash
When these three technologies are used together, they create a player development environment that works across a wide range of devices.
The NYT Becomes a Video Hub, Leads With Chromecast Development
As the New York Times prepares to invade the living room, it's starting its OTT efforts with the Google Chromecast—but there's much more to come.
Online Video News
Haivision Intros Media Gateway, Low-Cost Satellite Alternative
The gateway can aggregate and replicate multiple live streams, and is aimed at enterprises, broadcasters, and houses of worship.
Sling TV Launches, Offers 13 Streaming Channels for $20 Per Month
Aimed at millennials, Sling TV is the first OTT bundle on the market. Add-on packages let subscribers tailor the service to their interests.
Netflix to Launch Service in Japan, First Expansion to Asia
The company will open an office in Tokyo to build relationships with consumer electronics companies and local filmmakers.
Industry News
The Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University (ASU) has adopted Dejero's award-winning mobile newsgathering technology as a core component of its curriculum for broadcast journalism students. The Cronkite Scho
Free Streaming Movie and TV Service Offers Hours of Family Entertainment
Amazon Fire TV selection up 5x since launch
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