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August 04, 2014

Featured Articles
2014 Streaming Media Readers' Choice Awards: Make Your Nominations Now
It's time for Streaming Media readers to submit your nominations for the best products and services in 31 categories from cameras to media servers.
How Colleges Can Get Broadcast-Quality Video with Webcam Systems
A Temple University technology support specialist shares the tool that gives a professional look to e-learning tools meant for webcams.
Encoding for Multiple Screens? Rule Number One: Use H.264
Reaching viewers on desktops, notebooks, phones, tablets, and set-top boxes all starts with the same step: Encoding video into H.264.
Online Video News
VDMS and thePlatform Form Alliance for End-to-End Video Solution
thePlatform is bringing the video management, while Verizon Digital Media Services is supplying the CDN and the single-format encoding.
Yelp Adds User-Submitted Videos Powered by Brightcove, Zencoder
Reviewers can now upload short video clips from their iPhone apps; Android support should be coming soon.
Ramp Debuts Video Marketing Solution, Takes on Brightcove Gallery
Forget YouTube and the OVPs, says Ramp. Use the integrated engagement tools in this platform and then track viewer interactions.
Industry News
BBTV Doubles Network Size and Volume of Partners in Ten Months
RealPlayer Cloud Passes 5 Million Registered Users in 9 Months
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