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June 11, 2014

Featured Articles
How to Develop a Viable 4K Production Workflow
Since the NAB conference in April, 4K workflow options have swelled. Here's a look at the hardware, recording media, and codecs needed to produce and stream 4K video.
How to Create Interactive HTML5 Video
Turning a basic HTML5 video player into one with enhanced playback features is surprisingly simple. Here's the code to add chapter markers, captions, and more.
MPEG LA's HEVC Licensing Terms Are Flawed, Will Prevent Adoption
There's no reason for Adobe to add HEVC support to Flash, and that keeps HEVC from becoming relevant for general purpose streaming.
Survey: The State of HEVC Adoption
Are you already using HEVC? Are you thinking about it, but waiting until encoding times get shorter? Or are you still on the fence? We want to hear from you in our Streaming Media HEVC Survey.
Online Video News
Cisco Projections Show Large Increase in Video Traffic by 2018
Projections created by Cisco show that ultra-HD video will count for 11 percent of video traffic by 2018, and 4K TVs will catch on.
iLook Launches, Turns YouTube Channels Into iOS and Android Apps
Companies with active YouTube channels can turn them into apps and even monetize their content with the iLook platform.
Adobe Report Shows Rise of TV Everywhere Viewing in iOS Apps
TVE viewing on iOS apps is now more popular than on desktop browsers; TVE is surging on OTT devices and game consoles, as well.
Industry News
Verizon Digital Media Services Launches Advanced Video Technology to Improve Content Delivery and End-User Experience
Current chairman of the board takes on CEO role for Market Leader in Content Caching
Consumers will see sharper video campaign quality and advertisers will enjoy increased performance
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