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May 21, 2014

Featured Articles
Comcast Quietly Launches New CDN, Focuses on Last Mile Delivery
Targeted to medium- and large-size content owners, Comcast's CDN comes with a strong SLA and reasonable prices for delivering over the last mile
YouTube Reported to Buy Twitch for $1B; Here's What it Will Gain
Think the video game broadcaster isn't worth that much? Think again: Twitch TV gets over 45 million unique visitors each month averaging 106 minutes per day.
Streaming Media East: Branded Video Tips for Vine and Instagram
Big companies are getting smart about short videos. Use these platforms to break through the noise and communicate with fans.
Online Video News
FreeWheel Report Sees Huge Rise in Authenticated Viewing
Authenticated video impressions saw strong growth, although 87 percent of cable customers don't know their authentication credentials.
Aereo Promotes Expanded Free Trial Offering
The company's future rests entirely on an upcoming Supreme Court decision, but that hasn't deterred it from promoting a better deal to customers.
Livestream Experiences Power Outage, Working on Restoring Service
A power outage with Internap took nine hours to fix. Livestream is now working on bringing its servers back online.
Industry News
All the Free Funny You Can Handle, Plus Be the First to See Up-and-Coming New Comics Filmed on Location at New York Comedy Club, Anywhere, Anytime
Businesses and publishers can conveniently add video to their tablet and smartphone apps
LiveU provides technology and service support across Brazil for broadcasters and online media
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