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April 21, 2014

Featured Articles
Video Gear Gets Smaller, But One Hurdle Remains
The gear needed to shoot video on-the-go has gotten smaller and more convenient, but one obstacle is holding back even greater advances.
The Problem With Flipped Classrooms: Teachers Shoot Lousy Video
Educators are recording video lectures for students to watch outside of class, but they're often terrible quality. Here are easy fixes for lectures worth watching.
Industry Experts Discuss the Future of MPEG-DASH at NAB
The DASH Talks, a gathering of DASH supporters, compared notes on the standard's advancement, and highlighted the work being done.
Stream With Care: Simple Production Tips for Quality Results
Don't settle for lackluster video. Follow these tips when recording video and even low-resolution mobile streams will look good.
Online Video News
Relativity, Ex-CEO Can't Stop Disney Acquisition of Maker Studios
Pending regulatory approval, Disney will finalize its acquisition of Maker in just a few weeks. Relativity will look elsewhere.
Aereo Could Make 41% of Subscribers Drop Pay TV, Says Survey
The sample size is small and the results are questionable: Could Aereo entice 4 out of 10 to drop their cable or satellite service?
Industry News
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