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March 24, 2014

Featured Articles
A Buyer’s Guide to Cloud Encoders
Here's what you need to know before you take your encoding to the cloud. (Hint: It's not about video quality.)
CreativeLive: Streaming Free Educational Classes to the Masses
CreativeLive is a live streaming network for creative types -- and anyone else who wants to learn new skills.
A Buyer’s Guide to Backhaul
Whether you call it backhaul or contribution feed, getting a signal to a studio or CDN is a key step in the streaming delivery chain. Here's a look at the options.
Online Video News
Qik, an Early Social Video Networking App, Will Be Shut Down
Skype, which acquired Qik in 2011, is alerting members that the service is closing and they should save their videos.
SNL Kagan: U.S. Pay TV Subscriptions Dropped By 250K in 2013
Cable lost 2M subscribers for the year. Is this a minor blip or is streaming video a growing threat to pay TV?
BrightRoll Expands Partnership With Equinix to Amsterdam Facility
By building a data center in Amsterdam, BrightRoll brings ultra-low latency real-time bidding to European buyers.
Industry News
Streaming Made Easy -- 1 Beyond StreamCam™ and 1 Beyond CameraBundle™ -- Absolutely Everything Needed to Produce a Live Event
White-label uVOD solution improves on leading video-on-demand streaming services with support for live TV channel delivery
Film Fans Now Have More Options to Watch Great Movies and Horror Favorites for Free Online, In-App or on TV
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