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February 17, 2014

Featured Articles
First Look: Wowza Streaming Engine 4
Expect big changes from the renamed Wowza Media Server, which now offers a GUI. Both first-timers and power users will be happy about it.
Why the Netflix Vs. Verizon Debate Is Completely Off-Base
Listen up, conspiracy theorists: It's not about net neutrality! The complicated reality is that Netflix video quality is due to a variety of business decisions.
What to Look for in an Enterprise-Class Video Encoder
When desktop encoders aren't powerful enough and online encoders are too slow, go with an enterprise encoder. Here's how to make a buying decision.
Online Video News
Brightcove Offers Targeted Video Ads for Chromecast Apps
Using Once, developers can add seamless targeted video ads to Chromecast apps quickly, says Brightcove.
Goodbye Wowza Media Server, Hello Wowza Streaming Engine
The latest version of Wowza Media Server includes a name change and a graphical user interface to make the product easier.
IAB Guide Gives Advice on Mobile Video Ad Buying
The mobile video ad space is still confusing for many marketers; a free guide helps them learn the basics and more.
Industry News
Discover Video announced today the availability of a free Digital Signage Application for Samsung Smart TVs, an industry first. With the advent of Smart TVs, Digital Signage is now built-in to the display, and because the Smart TVs support WiFi, Digital S
Nexidia's language and caption verification system available as a plugin for AmberFin's Unified Quality Control (UQC) Solution
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