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January 13, 2014

Featured Articles
CES 2014: Netflix Says Consumers Unclear on UHD Benefits
Unless the industry decides on greater UHD improvements and educates buyers, UHD TV will be reduced to a resolution number.
CES 2014: Vevo Says This Is the Stone Age of Online Storytelling
Online video technology needs to take a great leap forward, enabling intelligent videos that customize themselves to the viewer.
CES 2014: Revolt TV and Hulu Give Advice on Younger Viewers
Sites that want to attract a younger demo should pay attention to social networks and shorten their content development cycles.
4K Reality Check: Content Owners Can't Afford the Bandwidth
Everyone's talking about 4K and HEVC at CES, but nobody's talking about what it costs to deliver. Here's a breakdown of delivery costs, and a look into why we shouldn't look for too much 4K streaming content any time soon.
CES 2014: Verizon Debuts its End-to-End Solution
One size doesn't fit all, says Verizon Digital Media Services. With new acquisitions and a new management team, the company is ready for business.
CES 2014: Fox Says Pick One: Online Hit or Broadcast Hit
Using online viewers to find the next blockbuster broadcast series has a serious problem: What works online doesn't necessarily work on-air.
CES 2014: Second-Screen Challenges: Who’s Going to Pay For This?
Creating extra content for premium programming can cost in the millions. Advertisers aren't yet ready to foot the bill.
Online Video News
CES 2014: Rabbit TV to Release New Super Simple Streaming Device
Four million buyers took to Rabbit TV's $10 per year streaming message. Now, the company is expanding to mobile devices and younger viewers.
CES 2014: Q Factor Aims to Solve Video Buffering With an SDK
Packet loss and retransmission can greatly slow video streaming. Q Factor finds a clever way to replace those lost packets.
CES 2014: Kaleidescape Offers Limited Edition High-End STB
When customers purchase this edition, they'll get a starter library of 50 Warner Bros. and Lionsgate titles for no additional cost.
CES 2014: iStreamPlanet Adds PlayReady for Live and Live Linear
PlayReady expands users' ability to address both content protection and business rules, including ad insertion, in Aventus; workflow solution will also add DASH support, RTMP output, and multicast in the next year
CES 2014: Thomson Video and MStar Also Demo 4K HEVC Streaming
Consumers are getting 4K HEVC TVs whether they want them or not. Luckily, the costs will come down quickly.
CES 2014: Akamai and Qualcomm Demo 4K HEVC Streaming
While mass 4K home streaming is years away, one demo is showing how HEVC can simplify file creation and delivery.
Industry News
Sonic Foundry signed a definitive stock purchase agreement with the shareholders of Mediasite K.K. to acquire the remaining interest in the company
Joint Solution Takes Advantage of New PlayReady LiveTV Capabilities to Make Broadcasting Live Linear Content Over-the-Top Cost-effective, Security-enhanced and Scalable
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