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January 08, 2014

Featured Articles
CES 2014 Roundup: Sony, Panasonic, Sharp, and an Answer to the 4K Bandwidth Question
At Monday's Sony press conference, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings finally addressed the issue of 4K bandwidth, saying 15Mbps would be required for 4K encoded in HEVC
Blurred Lines: Divisions Between Second Screen and First Are Becoming Cloudier
At today's 2nd Screen Summit, execs from CBS Interactive, YuMe, Videology, Mass Relevance, and Ogilvy explored how second-screen content and experiences can drive first-screen engagement, and how that can be monetized.
CES 2014: Dish Offers More Tuners, Easier Connectivity
Bring on the dancing kangaroos: Dish proves itself one of the most innovative companies in home entertainment by expanding its DVR lineup.
YouTube and VP9: A Made-for-Press-Release Event
YouTube demonstrating 4K video encoded with VP9 is all sizzle and no steak. Until hardware manufacturers and big names like Apple, Adobe, and Microsoft announce support, it's hard to take any of the noise too seriously.
Brightcove Acquires Unicorn Media
Unicorn's Once technology gives Brightcove an end-to-end solution for mobile and ad insertion, with an eye towards getting around the increasingly prevalent use of ad blockers
CES 2014: Ultra HD/4K Rollout Slower Than Expected
At the CES curtain raiser, the Consumer Electronics Association heralded the age of mass customization and an explosion in wearable computing, while sounding a cautionary note about Ultra HD/4K adoption
Online Video News
CES 2014: Cisco Expands Videoscape, Focuses on Flexibility
No longer tied to dedicated hardware, Videoscape software now runs in the cloud to let providers quickly create online viewing experiences.
CES 2014: Samsung Announces 4K Streaming with M-GO, Amazon
Latest range of Ultra HD TVs from Samsung—from 55 inches to 110 inches—will include access to M-GO and Amazon Instant Video, with future partnerships planned with Comcast and DirecTV
Nielsen Plans to Launch Cross-Platform Metrics in September
Company will offer content publishers an SDK that will allow watermarking inside ID3 tags and can deliver measurement for both in-app and in-browser viewing; those measurements will be combined with broadcast numbers and cover longer time periods than today's metrics
CES 2014: Roku Goes Beyond the Box, Intros Roku TV
Roku will license its platform to TV manufacturers, freeing viewers of the need for a set-top box. Hisense and TCL are the first partners.
CES 2014: Dolby Vision Strives to Make Ultra-bright Displays the Future of 4K
Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Microsoft Xbox Video, and Vudu have already signed on, as has Sharp and Vizio. But the drastic image improvement brings with it a 20% data overhead, and may be incompatible with current 4K displays.
CES 2014: LG and Netflix Talk 4K Screens and Ultra HD Content
Want to see the second season of "House of Cards" in 4K? Better grab an ultra HD television in a hurry.
Industry News
Over-The-Air DVR Makes it Easy for TV Lovers to Enjoy Free HDTV on Any Device
Gracenote Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technology to enhance YuMe’s Audience Amplifier video ad targeting solution
Company to Debut First Ever In-Ad Shopping Technology Featuring its ShopTV™ T-Commerce Platform
Visitors can experience personalized sound broadcasts in a way never before possible with a new Fraunhofer TV audio system.
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