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October 21, 2013

Featured Articles
Verizon: Quality Isn't There Yet for OTT Video
Before over-the-top video can gain ground with consumers, the industry needs to solve persistent video buffering problems.
Instart Logic Aims to Disrupt Mobile Delivery: Here's How
Instart Logic claims to have developed a new and unique approach to delivering web content faster to end-users. If the technology works as promised, this could signal a shift in the way web applications are delivered and it may change how the industry relies on edge caching, network acceleration, and full page downloads today.
Tutorial: Capturing Soundboard Audio for Live Event Video
Corporate and event videographers need to know how to connect to an external microphone or soundboard. The process can be surprisingly challenging.
Online Video News
Vizio Introduces Co-Star LT Set-Top Box, Offers App Experience
For its lower-priced set-top box, Vizio ditches Google TV, but keeps second screen app functionality.
AOL Leads in Online Video Ads, Says September comScore Rankings
The acquisition of video ad leader Adap.TV makes AOL a bigger video ad player than even Google/YouTube.
AOL Chooses Zencoder to Transcode 15 AOL On Video Channels
Cites Zencoder's support for Apple HLS and fast transcoding times as the reasons its making the move.
Panopto Releases Version 4.5, Improves Management, Accessibility
Companies or universities with massive video libraries will appreciate the ability to load hundreds of hours at once.
Unicorn and Iris.TV Partner on Personalized Streams
Combined system works without SDKs or plug-ins, letting publishers stream more videos and ads.
Limelight Releases Orchestrate 2.5, Focuses on Speed
The Orchestrate digital presence platform now streams dynamic web content up to 45 percent faster than competitors, claims Limelight.
Industry News
Sonic Foundry today announced Mediasite’s Certified Partnership with Instructure, the company that builds the Canvas learning platform.
Integrated solution enables service providers to deliver dynamic, targeted ads and programming across all major ABR protocols
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