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September 23, 2013

Featured Articles
Boeing Demonstrates the Cost Benefits of Enterprise Webcasting
Webcasts are far less expensive than in-person meetings, and Boeing has years of experience speaking directly to its global body of employees.
How Windows Azure Sees the Future of MPEG-DASH Adoption
HTML5 and DASH are critical to the future of streaming audio and video, and that future is almost here.
Encoding Video for iOS Devices? Watch This First
Learn to get the best video quality and the lowest file sizes from the H.264 codec. Jan Ozer explains it all in this presentation.
Online Video News
Vimeo Revamps iOS 7 App, Adds Instant Playback, Offline Viewing
Integration with Vimeo is now a part of iOS 7, as the Camera and Photo apps offer direct video uploading.
Train Commuters Rejoice: YouTube Adding Offline Viewing to Apps
In a first, YouTube will support the downloading of its videos, but only for a short period.
BrandAds Unveils Unified Video Ad Analytics Solution
BrandAds Bridge promises to deliver a range of metrics in real-time for campaigns run across vendors and platforms.
Industry News
Highly Automated Internet TV Platform Offers Substantial Speed-to-Market and Cost Advantages; Launches Sky Services on Apple TV and Roku Within Weeks From Initial Concept
Popular Titles Doctor Who, Top Gear, Sherlock, Luther, and Classic Favorites, Fawlty Towers and Blackadder to be included in the collection available on Hulu Plus
New Sony NSZ-GU1 BRAVIA Smart Stick Brings Google Search, Google Play and More in a Slim, Stick-like Form Factor
New "My Vibe" Feature Delivers Handcrafted Stations and Playlists for Any Activity, From Singing in the Shower to Whiskey and Heartbreak
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