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August 21, 2013

Featured Articles Streaming Media's Comprehensive Hands-On Review
While it delivered impressive results in our tests, isn't perfect: Read our review before paying extra for Turbo mode.
No Second Chances, Part 2: Best Practices for Live Events
Businesses are increasingly depending on live event streaming. For expert tips on how to pull them off like a pro, read the second part of our series.
Online Video News
Digitas and Outrigger Show Emerging Talent Tracker at Meet-Up
Discover the YouTube stars of tomorrow today. With analytics tool, Digitas can recommend emerging YouTube stars to brands.
Eyepartner Wins Injunction Against Kor Media for Copyright Issues
A trial will follow in a few months, deciding whether or not Kor illegally used TikiLive code in a competing product.
Parks Associates: Set-Top Use Increases, Roku Beating Apple TV
What set-top box gets the most use? It's Roku by a long shot, says a Parks Associates survey.
Industry News
Original Programming Includes New Series Starring Ed Begley Jr. and Family as They Build the Greenest and Most Sustainable House in North America
New True Check™ IP Analyzer Continuously Analyzes the Quality of Digital Audio and Video Services Delivered over IP Networks
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