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March 04, 2013

Featured Articles
At Seattle Hospital, Online Video Educates on Hearing Treatment
Seattle Swedish Medical Center combines video with Instagram and Twitter for an innovative educational series.
An Instragram for Video? No Thanks, Says the Industry
Take a step back and see that the online video industry has grown up. It's more concerned with what works than what's sexy.
The State of Online Video Advertising 2013
Online video advertising is taking in more money, but isn't growing as a percentage of total online advertising. What will it take for video ads to break out?
The State of Media and Entertainment 2013
Online video met cable and broadcast in a big way in 2012, setting the stage for an even bigger 2013.
Online Video News
Dejero Offers a Stream and a View of Vatican Proceedings
For broadcasters that need to report on the papal succession, Dejero offers bonded wireless uplink and the space to use it.
Digitalsmiths Finds Tablets a Threat to Pay TV
In a quarterly research report, Digitalsmiths charts increasing tablet use, and notes that network apps are used more than pay TV operator apps.
Brightcove Offers Native iOS, Android Video Apps: Ends AppCloud
With premium customers unsatisfied by AppCloud's hybrid HTML5 approach, Brightcove chooses to go native.
Brightcove Pushes HTML5 Video Forward with Monetization Plan
Publishers can tap into four video advertising networks to serve pre-, mid-, and post-roll video ads.
Industry News
Google Ventures, CrunchFund and Bebo founder Michael Birch join existing investors to fuel transformation of video chat into social communication and sharing
After intensive testing and trials with several broadcasters Mobile Viewpoint’s launched its newsgathering WMT Live iPhone Application. It is available for free in the Appstore now. brings live editing equipment into the cloud. It enables collaborative, decentral live production of shows. With interactive tools such as live polling and viewer participation, the Studio is a unique solution.
hePlatform’s mpx Video Management System to Provide Centralized Publishing for TMN Go in Canada
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