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January 07, 2013

Featured Articles
LG Makes Connected TV Predictions for CES
Viewers need top premium programming to tune in to connected TVs, and they need to be able to view that content however they want.
Vevo on Online Ads: What Buyers Want, What Online Delivers
Advertisers want online video measurements that conform to what they already get from TV, but online video broadcasters can offer far more.
E! Online Says Snackable Content Is King in Online Video
Viewers enjoy on-the-go video, finds the entertainment network, and that means short-form clips are on the rise.
Microsoft: Why MPEG DASH Will See Broad Adoption in 2013
DASH-264 is almost here, and it will bring the specifics needed for interoperability and widespread use of MPEG DASH.
Online Video News
Flingo Debuts Samba, a Platform for Connected TV and Mobile
Aiming to blur the lines between standard and connected TV, Flingo offers second-screen without the apps.
iStreamPlanet Adds Live RTMP Streaming to its Portfolio
The offering makes live streaming simpler and more affordable, claims iStreamPlanet.
Industry News
Telestream Pipeline network video capture and Vantage transcoding and workflow solutions enable University of Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish Digital Media (FIDM) to speed game highlights to YouTube
EPIX will Deliver Its Premium Entertainment Content to Authenticated Subscribers on PlayStation Platforms
Company to Demonstrate Extensive Gateway Applications and Cutting-Edge HD HEVC Transcoding for Improved Video Quality Anytime, Anywhere, and on Any Device
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