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May 30, 2012

Featured Articles
Adobe Media Server: What's Behind the Name Change?
Adobe's updated media server takes the focus off Flash and offers enhanced HLS support. But what about DASH?
Apple TV, Xbox, Roku, TiVo & More: Download Free Comparison Chart
For anyone who wants to know how the leading set-top boxes and game consoles compare, this free chart has the answers.
Diving in Deep with Digital Rapids Kayak and Azure Media Services
Digital Rapids transcoding and workflow platform complements Windows Azure Media Services.
Online Video News
BuyDRM Acquired by Inisoft, Takes on Growing Mobile Device Market
BuyDRM now has 'more tools in our toolkit,' as it faces an increase in demand for mobile rights management.
Videology Shows Reach and Potential of Broadband TV Platforms
Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Google TV, Apple TV, and Roku on display at IAB-hosted media showcase. Intros App Center for Online Video Advertising
Ad technology partners can now offer their services from within a unified advertising console.
Industry News
Eyepartner has launched an upgraded Event Scheduler for TikiLive, its flagship HD broadcasting platform that provides its users with a turnkey set of tools for managing live and video on demand HD streaming content.
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