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March 14, 2012

Featured Articles
SXSW Report: Lisa Kudrow Brings Web Therapy to Online Viewers
The stakes are low and so are the dollars, but there's freedom and innovation in creating an original online series.
SXSW Report: TV and Mobile Screen Convergence
Audiences enjoy second screen experiences that let them browse information and social feeds while they watch TV. So what's next in convergence?
SXSW Report: Don’t Aim for Viral Video Success
Rather than trying to create the next viral video sensation, businesses should create useful videos—then market them effectively.
SXSW Report: The Future of Online Video Captioning
A government act will soon require much broadcast video streamed online to contain captioning. Adobe and MTV are looking for solutions.
Online Video News
Apple Intros New iPad, Apple TV: It's All About the Video
While Apple didn't surprise with its announcements, 4G support and 1080p video give the people what they want.
'Extra' Host Maria Menounos Launches AfterBuzz TV
Partners with Bing and Akamai on site that offers live discussions immediately after programs air.
HP Z820 Packs Streaming and Transcoding Power
With double the memory of the HP Z800, the HP Z820 should find a home in many online video workflows
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