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November 21, 2011

Featured Articles
Revision3 Goes HTML5
After a "painful" development process, one of the web's leading video networks flips the switch on its HTML5 video player.
HTML5 Is Taking Over the Web, Right? Not so Fast…
To examine the spread of HTML5, we look at several sites by major brands. Flash certainly isn't dead yet.
Google TV May Not Miss Flash ... Eventually
Will Logitech's multi-million-dollar Revue "mistake" and Adobe's Flash for the Digital Home about-face hinder Google TV web browsing?
The Future of Flash a Hot Topic at HTML5 Video Summit, SMW
A panel compared Flash, HTML5, and Silverlight, despite the surprising news coming out hours before.
Online Video News
Roku Goes International, Will Sell in U.K. and Canada
Set-top box maker announces plans for international distribution and region-specific channels.
Livestream Opens Online Store, Offers Live Event Equipment
Store stocks encoders and switchers guaranteed to run with the live video platform.
Boxee to Offer Live TV, Announces Boxee Box Accessory
Boxee Box owners can pre-order an adapter that brings live local TV channels into the interface.
Industry News
Enhanced Offering Drives 84 Percent Brand Lift in Purchase Intent for a Leading Consumer Brand
Leading Video Conferencing Platform Helps Extend Reach for Non-Profit Fundraising
Patented Unicorn Once Solution Delivers, Monetizes, and Analyzes Video Content on Amazon's Kindle Fire on Day of Release.
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